CONSTITUTION Of World Neurosurgeon Federation of Cranial Nerve Disorders



World Neurosurgeon Federation of Cranial Nerve Disorders

(Ver. 1.0)

Shanghai / January 14th, 2017 



The World Neurosurgeon Federation of Cranial Nerve Disorders (WNFCND) is established on January 14th, 2017 in Shanghai.  The WNFCND is an international academic society concerning the study of cranial nerve disorders.  After deliberation, the constitution of WNFCND has been worked out as follows: 



In order to promote knowledge about cranial nerve disorders for the benefit of patients worldwide, the WNFCND will organize varied collaborations in conferences, multicenter studies and monographs to reach scientific consensuses in order to further develop cranial nerve therapies.  



Neurosurgeons, neurologists and neurophysiologists as well as preclinical investigators with a major interest in cranial nerve disorders from all over the world can be qualified to become members in the society.  The members ought to be active in expanding the competency of WNFCND and to participate in all the meetings held by the WNFCND.  


Executive committee

The WNFCND is operated by an Executive Board, which is composed of well-known experts in the field of cranial nerve disorders around the world - one or two seats for each country are available.  At the Executive Board’s discretion, new seats may be added.



The WNFCND practices with a rotating presidency.  The tenure period is two years.  The next president is supposed to be selected at the annual meeting by the executive committee.  The obligation of rotating president is to strengthen the federation by enlisting new competent members and supervising preparations for the annual meeting, including organizing a board meeting to discuss candidates for the next venue and for the next president.  Furthermore, changes in Executive Board members and amendments of the policy of WNFCND need to be moderated by the president.



An international academic conference on the diagnosis and treatment of cranial nerve disorders is supposed to be held every other year in a different member country.  The country of the rotating president organizes the annual meeting and covers the cost of registration, accommodation and meal except for the international travelling expenses for the members. 


Matters not mentioned in this constitution will be decided by the Executive Board after deliberation.